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Tassel Blanket

Tassel Blanket

Tassel Blanket

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-Product name:Thread blanket -Material:Cotton -Quantity:1 Piece -Size: 130X160cm -Cleaning: Hand washable/Machine washable

Washing attention:

1. Use cold water to soak for a short time, and the washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. 2. Gentle squeeze washing, avoid twisting and dehydrating. 3. Use neutral detergent, and use special detergent for wool products if it contains wool components. 4. Knitted products have a certain degree of flexibility, so do not pull it vigorously during washing to avoid shape loss. Do not expose to the sun, the textile fabric will fade.

1. Soft and comfortable, eco-friendly, breathable 2. Very suitable for homeowners with elegant decoration style- wonderful colors enhance the placement of the blankets, and the elegant and superior appearance adds a chic feel to your room.One layer protects your luxury bed and sofa from dirt and stains, Pollution to keep them fresh and clean.

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